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Planetary Alignment

This mornings planetary alignment. I arrived pretty early, around 4 AM. This was to give me time to set up before the International Space Station flew through the alignment at 4:23 AM. I set up two cameras. One with a 17mm lens and the other with a 24mm lens.

Astronomy & Spaceflight Highlights: What to Look Forward to in 2020

As I’m writing this it is New Year’s Eve 2019 and I’m feeling pensive, which I guess is appropriate for this time of year. The year 2019 was a massive year for space and astronomy. There were some very exciting things that took place since the last time we went around the sun. We had…
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First Clear Night in a Long Time

This was my first attempt at astrophotography and decided to share my images of Jupiter and the Whirlpool Galaxy. It was the first clear night in a long time and fortunately I didn’t have to work. A couple of hours before nightfall I set up my equipment and settled in to wait….