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Planetary Alignment

This mornings planetary alignment. I arrived pretty early, around 4 AM. This was to give me time to set up before the International Space Station flew through the alignment at 4:23 AM. I set up two cameras. One with a 17mm lens and the other with a 24mm lens.

It’s Been A Journey

I placed the order for the camera and lens, along with a new tripod and head, a carrying case and lens hood at the beginning of December only to find out that half the order is on backorder.

Trip to Cape Canaveral

I’ve always love rockets and been fascinated with everything that goes into launching stuff into space. For me there’s a kind of romantic aspect to rockets, how it’s even possible to have man-made objects leave the planet on which they were created. The sensory experience of watching a launch is a thrill that I am…
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An Evening with Saturn

By Gary George I was out in the kitchen cooking dinner this past Thursday midafternoon when the phone rang. It was Larry asking what I’m doing tonight? nothing, I replied It’s starting to get too damn hot to really do anything, Why what’s up? Well he proceeds to tell me that the Clear Sky Chart…
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A Cold Night off the Balcony

Gary George Well it was one of those days where you think to yourself “should I or not?” As I started to gather my telescope I kept watching the weather and so far they are predicting clear skies, so off I went, got the telescope set up, laptop running, and here we go. To those…
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