Gary’s 2019 Eclipse

By Gary George

Well it has finally happen. Mother Nature cooperated with us last night, but she could have done something with those cold temperatures and blowing winds, but looking back we made it through. I did have a major problem with my telescope. My DSLR camera just could not take that 60 degree in elevation and decided to rest on my mount. Rick Fensch to the rescue. He allowed me to piggyback my camera on his SE 6 telescope, and talk about what a difference an adapter makes. Well I came home and ordered myself one and it will be here tomorrow.

Anyway , what an exciting night to get together with fellow club members and laugh, talk astronomy, and just plain have some fun. I did do some experimenting with a few settings and the result with some wide angle shots provided me with some really nice star fields behind the eclipsed Moon. I did have a conversation with Rick about the shot I was really hoping to get other then the actual eclipse itself. I wanted the shot of the fully eclipsed moon leaving the shadow of the Earth and entering the umbra, catching that first sliver of direct sunlight. To my surprise with a little bit of help, I got it. “First Light” is the shot I have been waiting on for a very long time.

I also had some fun exposing the background stars with the Moon still in its deep reddish orange color, piggybacking off the telescope is now my new fun. Just can’t wait or the weather to start to change, my next shooting project for the rest of Winter is M42, the Hyades, and finally the Pleiades. So with my results from the Lunar Eclipse, I think I am going to have a very good profitable rest of Winter.

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